Priyanka's Amazon Internship Experience in Luxemburg

Hello everyone, I'm Priyanka, a full-time advanced analytics expert and a part-time poet :).

I am currently working for the EU Amazon marketplace paid services team as an intern, a Senior Product Manager for selling partner experience for the paid services team.

I joined Amazon on 28th June 2021 in Luxembourg, and my project lasts 8 weeks. My project is on Benchmarking service delivery across teams and geographies.

I've had the opportunity to contact and work with various stakeholders from different teams across geographies and backgrounds. I have spoken to almost 50 people (and more) in the past 4 weeks through chime (internal communication tool) and calls. The amount of work and progress we make day by day is remarkable. No day is the same as before, which excites me to look forward to the next one!

I love the autonomy and the challenge Amazon gives me through my work, and I looked forward to solving my problem statement every day. My manager is super cool and supportive, and the team is amazing as well. The support provided to you as a mentor (HEC alum), buddy, and manager is quite helpful and crucial to an intern. I took the hybrid model of internship and was lucky to meet students from other schools who have become my very good friends. Amazon has a culture of approachability, which I had never experienced before, where new ideas are heard. As interns, we are given a platform to Think Big and implement my recommendations.

I have two weeks left in my internship, and I am looking forward to delivering my final paper to Leadership and getting them implemented.

My life in Lux has been quite eventful with hiking, hanging out with other interns, and trying different cuisines. The immigrant population in Lux makes it easy for any outsider like me to settle in very quickly, and I feel at home.

My tip for anyone who wants to land an internship role with Amazon is this: Amazon's interview process is one of its kind and is known for the questions that test its 16 Leadership Principles.

Be sure to write down your stories according to the STAR methodology, and practice with multiple people to receive feedback before the actual interview.

Do not forget to quantify your results in the story, and try not to repeat any. There is ample content out there on the internet, and read to learn from other people's interview experiences.

Reach out to me if you want to know more about the interview process. Don't fret, give your best.

I'm glad to be an Amazonian this summer.